We love hosting parties and have options for every occasion. From canapes and buffets through to an 11 course banquet – and anything in between. Our customers are often surprised with the high end food and service we deliver.

Our pricing is easy to understand so you know exactly what you are going to get before you arrive. All functions are bespoke and the menus give a great guide to solutions for your perfect party.

We have 6 trading areas. 3 inside and 3 outside. We have seating inside for 100 and outside for 176. Please email us and let us know with a short brief of what would be your dream occasion and we will see how we can fulfil your needs.

Rooms Capacity (seated) See the gallery
Peter Sellers Room  35 https://www.the-woodman.com/peter-sellers-room/
Syd Barrett (Main Bar)  43 https://www.the-woodman.com/syd-barrett-room/
Rod Stewart Room  28 https://www.the-woodman.com/rod-stewart-room/
Total 105
Outside Capacity (seated) See the gallery
Covered Terrace  60 https://www.the-woodman.com/covered-terrace/
Marquee  66 https://www.the-woodman.com/marquees-and-open-spaces/
Uncovered Terrace  50
Total 176
Total (inside & outside) 281

There is additional space for people standing. The total maximum capacity (standing & seated) is 450.

For larger functions, you can hire more than one area or different areas at different times.

For hire of the whole venue – the revenue from your function would need to be around 20% above what we would normally take from the venue on that day and time and for that time of year.

We do have a capacity for DJs and live music where we can recommend if needed.


Finger buffet

Canapé Menu

Buffet Menu

Sunday Buffet Menu