Every Friday & Saturday is DJ night at The Woodman.

Our DJs are music professionals and are there to “read the room” and keep the tunes relevant to the crowd coming in.  Regulars will know The Woodman is a place for people of all ages – so if we have mainly a crowd in their late 20’s – the music should fit them – some in their late 40’s? We will be dropping in tunes for them, too.  Late 60’s? who doesn’t love some of The Kinks, The Buzzcocks, Pink Floyd or Paul McCartney – all of which have connections with our pub

The music is background from 8pm with the level steadily increasing as we put away our knives and forks and letting the tunes of our favourite times to add to a truly great night.

Fri 31st March – DJ Roi De Lune

Roi regularly tours with his band Mechanical Cabaret as well as plays keyboards for 90’s band Killing Joke.  He has DJ’s many major venues including for stadiums for bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Sat 1st April – DJ Dave “The Keys” Baker

Dave was in 80’s band Komputer and is still a full time musician


Fri 7th April – DJ Roi de Lune

Sat 8th April – DJ Jenny Drag

Jenny is the lead singer of Noughties band The Priscilla’s.

See an interview with Jenny here –

Interview with Jenny Drag of The Priscillas

Fri 14th April – DJ Arno Von Detritus

Arno was a leading light of Lounge 666

You can read an interview with Arno here


Sat 15th April – DJ Roi de Lune

Fri 21st April – DJ Roi de Lune

Sat 22nd April – DJ Will Crewdson

When Will isn’t at The Woodman you can often find him on tour with 80’s legend Adam Ant


Fri 28th April – DJ Sam

Sam plays soulful and uplifting music, including Funk, Soul, Jazz, House, Disco, Acrobat and a little Latin

Sun 29th April – DJ Allinson

Allinson plays an eclectic mix of old classics and modern barn stormers

Fancy spinning some tunes? Roi de Lune books our DJ schedule. Drop us a line and we will pass on!